Monday, 26 December 2016

Choose the Best Leather Gun Holster

Holsters are important for the firearm as it shields your gun from damage. For instance, when you have a handgun that is kept in your pocket there may be a chance of it falling and can cause a bit of damage, but if you have a gun holster, the majority part of the damage is taken over by the holster. In simple words, holsters are meant to protect your handgun from any damage that may occur in normal circumstances. But which holster is best for your weapon? Then, there is only one thing that you should go for and that is a western gun holster. These holsters are made from the best quality leather. It is crucial to buy Leather gun holster and should be made from a material that would be durable and pliable. These holsters can surely facilitate anyone look like a cowboy from an old western movie.  Therefore, western gun holster comes in various styles, designs, and colours.

Types of Holsters

There are various holsters. Some are mentioned below:

Concealed Holster

Concealed gun holster are generally compact and light weighted. This is worn under clothing. The most common holsters are belt and paddle holster. Other concealed holster options consist the shoulder holster, pocket holster, ankle holster, and belly band etc.

Duty Holster

This type of holster is generally used by police officer, security guards, and soldiers. They are allowed to be worn openly. Sometimes, duty holsters are worn on the thigh of the leg. This is also called tactical holster. Moreover, duty holster is accessible in different retention levels like level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, etc. Basically, retention level is security features which are involved in protecting your gun. The superior the level of retention, the more safe your gun will be.

Cross - Draw Holster

This is another holster. This type of holster is worn on your weak side. You need to reach across your body with your strong hand to draw your weapon. 

Ankle Holster

This holster can make you embarrass to wear sometimes. This is worn on the inside leg of your weak side.  Furthermore, ankle holster comes in various different materials consisting leather, molded plastic, and nylon. A well-known ankle holster manufacturers are Galco, Fobus, Safariland, etc.

On a concluding note, holsters are expensive. Nowadays, there are many options of holsters available in the market made from leather, Kydex, plastic, or leather. You can buy these holsters online at nominal prices.

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